How to Spend Summer in Nantucket

Nantucket is a small island in Massachusetts. Nantucket is an extremely popular summer travel destination due to its 5-star quality resorts and service and its old-timey New England seaport charm. The island’s population increases dramatically in the summer due to the influx of tourists and seasonal residents. To get to the island, the most common mode of transportation is the ferry. The ferries offer both high-speed and traditional routes, depending on how fast you want to get to the island and if you want the journey to be a part of the vacation as well. You can take a car aboard some of the ferries, but a reservation is highly recommended and parking on the island is sparse. A car isn’t really needed on the island anyway, so it is probably best not to take one. There is an airport on the island, Nantucket Memorial Airport, and a few small airlines fly there. The best way to get around the island is by bike, and there are many paved, two-way bike paths to use for both transportation purposes and adventure rides.

Nantucket - National Historic Landmark District

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The entire island is listed as a National Historic Landmark District. There are many historical homes and buildings on the island, including the Old Windmill, built in 1746 and still standing in its original location, the Oldest House, built in 1686, the African Meeting House, the Nantucket Atheneum, which is the local library, and the “Three Bricks.” One of the island’s most famous residents was Maria Mitchell, the first female astronomer. The Maria Mitchell Association operates a series of museums on the island, including the Maria Mitchell Observatory, the Historic Mitchell House, which is Maria Mitchell’s birthplace and a history museum, and the Maria Mitchell Aquarium, among others.

Capital of Whaling Industry

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Nantucket was one the capital of the whaling industry, and the island’s whaling history is preserved at the Whaling Museum. The museum hosts a collection of whaling artifacts, including scrimshaw, art pieces carved out of whale bones, and a 46-foot Sperm Whale skeleton suspended from the ceiling. The island is also home to many lighthouses, including Brant Point Light, thought to be one of the oldest lighthouse locations in the country, Sankaty Head Lighthouse, and Great Point Light, the original was built in 1784 and the third version is operational today.

Of course, when you go to Nantucket, one of the highlights is lounging on the beach. There are many beaches on the island, but the most popular are Jetties Beach and Surfside Beach. There are plenty of water sports and activities to take part in as well as plenty of amenities, including shops and eateries.



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