Surf Air Expands Unlimited Private Jet Service from California to Europe

Packed in like human cattle. Or human sardines. Forced to wait in long wait lines. Treated to generalized and impersonal service. Suspiciously investigated and monitored. No, that is not the logline for a horror movie but an apt description of enduring modern 21st-century air travel. Lines are getting longer; travel departure delays are increasing and traveler disapproval with airports and airport service and ever more invasive security checks are reaching record highs. If only private jet travel was more affordable. Well, if you fly weekly or on a frequent basis in the California-centric region of the United States and spend over $2000 a month or every few weeks in business-related travel costs, then a new startup boutique airline may be able to offer you a more luxurious and comfortable way to fly.

World’s First Private Unlimited Air Travel Club

Surf Air is actually the world’s first private unlimited air travel club for business and leisure fliers. It was founded in 2011 in California by CEO Jeff Potter. Surf Air strives to maintain quality service by employing a small-scale staff and only flying to small, private regional airports in and around California. The FAA-certified company employs 200 people. All flights are piloted by two pilots, a captain, and first officer. All Surf Air pilots are active or retired commercial, military, charter and small aircraft pilots and experts at their craft. You can arrive 15 minutes before departure and buy your tickets through the website’s app, but you will still follow scaled down commercial airport security and screening procedures. Surf Air’s fleet of aircraft currently consists of over a dozen Swiss-manufactured 8-seater Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop aircraft. The aircraft has a 1,200-mile traveling distance range and cruising speed of 320 MPH.

Uber of Skyways and Netflix of Airlines

The start-up airline has been referred to as the “Uber of the Skyways,” and the, “Netflix of Airlines,” because of their efforts to embrace technology and to cater air travel to their clients’ needs in the most comfortable way possible. You can set up an inspection appointment wi, Cath Surf Air to visit one of their private airports and to inspect and check out one of their airplanes yourself. The airline has over 80 daily departures from California. Membership costs $1,950 a month with a $1,000 exclusive membership signup fee. First time members can fly one-way for $500 or two-ways for $1,000 in a promotional discount membership drive until July 31, 2016. Surf Air has over 3,000 exclusive members and counting. In fact, the company will be doubling the current size of their dozen-strong air fleet by the end of the year. The company’s business model concept has been so popular that they will begin expanding their operations to Europe beginning October 2016.

Services Available

Surf Air Europe’s private air travel members will be able to fly unlimited throughout Europe on a monthly basis for USD $3,225, or € 2,500, a month. So, it’s all up to you. If you travel by air frequently and cannot take the rigors of corporate, commercial air travel anymore, it may be in your best interest of travel comfort to arrange an aircraft inspection and information visit with Surf Air today. Surf Air operates out of private and small-sized airports in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area, San Francisco, Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Napa, and Monterrey. Surf Air also flies to private airports in Las Vegas in collaboration with another regional boutique airline called Advanced Air. In October 2016, Surf Air Europe will begin operations in and out of private and small-sized airports in Cannes, Dublin, Geneva, London, and Zurich. Additional cities will be added later. You can learn more about unlimited, monthly air travel membership at the Surf Air website. 




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