Best Places for Vacation in Thailand

Thailand was formerly known as Siam, Officially the “kingdom of Thailand” is the world’s 50th-largest and 20th most populous country in the world with around 66 million people. From the north, it is border by Myanmar and Laos, from the east by Laos and Cambodia, from the south by the Gulf of Thailand and towards the west by the Andaman Sea.

Thailand is often referred to as the “Land of Smiles”, and a jewel of Southeast Asia. It is rightly renowned for its rich cultural heritage, crafted over 700 years. It is a very welcoming country from the friendly earthiness of village life to high arts and performance, the people are very friendly. The Thai culture will charm and captivate you.

Spicy Thai Food

Thai food has a reputation for being spicy, include spicy Thai soup with Prawns (Tom Yum Goong), Green Curry (Kaeng  Kiow Wan), Spicy Papaya Salad. Thai food is a balance between different flavors including spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter. One exclusive aspect of Thai food is the use of fresh herbs and spices as well as the inclusion of fermented fish sauce in nearly every fish. For Thais, Rice is their staple food, eaten with most meals; from breakfast to dessert. It is well-known fact that Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice and that rice includes more than one strain, each of which has its own characteristic and flavor. The most esteemed Thai rice is a Jasmine rice and sweet smelling long grain rice that is indigenous to Thailand.

The Special Thai Noodles

Thai noodles are quite common in Thailand and most of the dishes are stir-fried or grilled served with rice. Fish, pork, and chicken are all prepared in a variety of ways and cut into bite-sized pieces and stir-fried with various spices like garlic, chili and basil. Thai food also includes Thai curry and soup, Thai salad or Yam, Thai desserts, Thai fruit, Thai beer & beverages among others.

Thai Dance and Music

Thai classical music and dance are highly valued symbols of national heritage. The classical music was originally played at court and based on Khmer models. Thai classical music has three types of orchestral groups: pi phat, which performs at court ceremonies and in the theatre; Kruang sai – typically heard in indoor instrumental settings; and mahori, a mixed ensemble that often accompanies vocalists. There were several specialized schools were established to train classical musicians and dancers as the Thai music became a field of study at the university level.

From Meditation Centers and Retreat

You can benefit immensely from learning about Buddhism with monks. An average day at monastery starts with a wake-up call at around 4 a.m and includes several hours of group meditation and chanting as well as time put aside for chores and personal reflection.

Thailand is a country flooded with opportunity for once in a lifetime travel experience. You start with the world-class beaches in the south or the mountain village in the north, it provides diverse attractions and a rewarding and memorable experience in its own way. 


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