Adrienne Maloof Skips Reunion!

Real Housewife (of Beverly Hills) star, Adrienne Maloof has been pretty busy since the divorcing Paul Nassif. The divorce was so sudden and so messy, you would think that she would lay low. This hasn’t stopped Ms. Maloof from getting back on the horse and dating (so soon)! She’s been spotted with 32 year old Sean Stewart, who is Rod Stewart’s son. That was fast, Adrienne!

UPDATE: Adrienne opted out of attending the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion due to unresolved issues and anger. As a result, Andy Cohen (producer) and the rest of the cast were left to speak amongst themselves. This was a cowardly move on Adrienne’s part. It seems that the entire season she had a mouthful to say, but when it came to face the music she was nowhere to be found. That’s Hollywood for you!

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