Is Amanda Bynes Losing It?

Amanda Bynes has been dominating the limelight lately, and unfortunately it’s not in a great way. She’s been connected to a slew of traffic violations, weird tweets, and most recently – a strange makeover. It seems that while we all might be worried about her strange behavior, Bynes thinks otherwise. A friend dishes the details by saying:

“Amanda has absolutely no idea about the reputation she’s getting for all of her weird behavior. In fact, when she got her DUI and those hit-and-run allegations all she talked about was the publicity she was finally getting! Amanda is just totally out of control lately and any efforts by friends or family to help her get back on track go in one ear and out the other. She’s completely secluded herself, and she’s just living in her own little world with her only communication to the outside world through Instagram photos and Twitter! Amanda will continue on this path because she doesn’t think anything is wrong. ”

I think we can speak for everyone when we say that we are genuinely concerned, and we hope that this behavior is just a phase!

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