Kim Kardashian Hires Personal Trainer for 2-Year-Old Daughter

Kim Kardashian is so determined to groom her little girl, North West, into a mini-me that she’s hired the two-year-old her very own personal trainer! 

“She has one of her guys work out with North at the end of her session, once or twice a week,” an insider tells RadarOnline.com, noting Kardashian, 34, has several fitness gurus on her payroll now that she’s pregnant.

“They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics, nothing strenuous.”

Kardashian feels it’s important her daughter become accustomed to a gym routine early in life, explains the insider!

“She wants her to be a perfect physical specimen, and she thinks it’s perfectly normal to want to get North in shape at such an early age.”

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