Fashion Trends for the Spring

Now that the holidays have come and gone, the end of winter is only a few months away. That leaves everyone with one big question: what we will be wearing in the spring?

Here are a few trends that we've identified for the spring fashion season.

Floral Prints

Floral patterns on dresses, tops, and skirts is typical for any line of springtime clothes, and this year will be no exception. Designers like Moschino are running out some Sixties revival dresses with very colorful floral prints, showing off plenty of leg while highlighting skirt hemlines with some amazing colors.

Grays and Whites

Nina Ricci and other designers are pushing toward little white dresses in a big way this spring. Besides being cool and comfortable for warmer weather, white outfits will lend an air of sophistication to anyone. Meanwhile, a few other fashionistas (like Loewe and Vuitton) are introducing gray tones to their outfits. They may not be as stark as white, but they're certainly a welcome change from aggressive black attire.

Exposing Midriffs

Bare midriffs is a trend we remember fondly from the early 2000s, but it's coming back thanks to the new line of 80s-style crop tops from DKNY and Louis Vuitton. The key difference with the new generation of tops is that we won't be exposing as much of the belly as before.

Deep V-Necks

Donna Karan and Christian Dior are pushing the envelope in more ways than one. Sex appeal is showing up with some very deep v-necks, with the gap in between ranging from modest to outrageous.


Geometric patterns were popular for this year and nowhere is that more evident than in the checkerboard tops provided by Louis Vuitton and Sportmax. The checkerboard pattern is much easier on the eyes than plaid, and in the bright spring air, it's sure to draw attention with lovely colors like yellow, blue, green, and orange.

Metallic Fabrics

Though we live in the 21st century, fashion hasn't quite reached the tight metallic suits everyone thought we'd be wearing decades ago. However, that doesn't mean the newest fashion isn't metal-free. Metallic fabrics in dresses and skirts are going to be more commonplace, especially in floral print skirts with metallic pleats.

Skirts and Shorts

Skirts were a big theme in last year's fashion shows. We saw the asymmetrical skirts produced by Victoria Beckham and plenty of tailored shorts by Cacharel. Much like the crop tops and the V-necks, the new trend is to show a little skin!

Image by Design Federation on Flickr

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