The Proper Time for the L Word

A hot topic in dating is the proper time in which a couple should use the word love in a relationship. In the end, it is always dependent on the couple themselves to determine when it is the right time because it is, in fact, their own feelings and nobody else can dictate that. We've heard that people believe in love at first sight, but there are also many that feel love is built over time.

To say one is right and the other is wrong would be very difficult because the fact remains that nobody can understand the feelings of the individuals in the relationship other than those individuals themselves. However, since it is such a hot topic, many feel the need to put in their input on the subject matter. So, what do you think about it?

Do you feel that love is built over a longer period of time or is it completely possible to feel instant love? Or is that instant love just lust in disguise? No matter what your feelings are, though, be courteous to those that have differing opinions.

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