Who Should Make the First Move?

This seems to be an interesting question in the dating world now for when couples feel comfortable enough in their courtship to make the first move. Should it be the guy, or is it okay now for the girl to officially make the first move? Opinions differ on the matter to a great degree and many individuals in today's day and age believe that it doesn't matter.

The male was typically the one to make the first move in any courtship, whether it was asking the woman out, the first kiss, or proposal for marriage. However, more females are taking the reins and becoming the aggressor in these situations just to get it out of the way. More women are even 'popping the question' because they feel the man is too nervous or is worried about doing it.

This has been debated before, but should it matter who makes the first move on a date? What is the reasonable expectation for the first kiss, or the first time the couple actually has sex? There is no set determining factor in the matter, though, so as long as there is a comfort level there, the aggressor can be either person in the relationship.

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