Ring Doorbell Cameras - Dig Deeper Into The Security Features

Doorbell cameras were once reserved for the wealthy and affluent people, but this is no longer the case in 2022. Today, everyone is concerned about their privacy and wants to secure themselves and their valuables from prying eyes. This made installing security systems and equipment more common than ever before. When it comes to home security, it always starts at the front door. Whether you’re at home or not, you should always know who’s knocking on the door. This is why people install a smart doorbell camera and keep track of all the activities that take place behind their back. While buying the front door surveillance, Ring is the name that pops in mind. 


The Ring is an Amazon-owned brand that has gained a significant market share and has become one of the most well-known and established brands offering outstanding home security systems. Ring doorbell cameras are one of its components that are highly recognized for excellent protection. Installing the Ring doorbell is an easy and effective way to improve security. In this article, we are going to discuss more about Ring doorbell cameras. Our team of experts has tested various Ring video doorbells and brought you an honest opinion on the series. Here we will share what we have discovered. This will help you find out whether Ring doorbells are a worthy investment. 


Ring Doorbell Cameras Sneak Peek


What We Like:

1. Sleek and modern design

2. Easy to use mobile app

3. Wide field of view 

4. Reasonable price

5. Great motion tracking

6. Both wired and wireless options 

7. Numerous options for selection


What We Don’t Like: 

1. Low-quality speaker

2. No free video storage 

3. Person detection needs subscription


Ring Doorbell Cameras Comparison: Which One Should You Buy?


Ring is a top brand that offers multiple models to choose from. Its smart doorbell cameras differ in price and functionality, making it a tedious task to pick the best one. This is why we have compared all the cameras and displayed them to you in the easiest manner. Check out the table and see which product has what to offer.



Video Doorbell Video Doorbell 2020 Releas Video Doorbell Pro Video Doorbell 3 Video Doorbell 4 Video Doorbell Pro 2  Video Doorbell Elite
Price $59.99 $99.99 $169.99 $179.99 $199.99 $249.99 $349.99
Power Source  Hardwired Rechargeable Battery or Hardwired Hardwired Rechargeable Battery or Hardwired Rechargeable Battery or Hardwired Hardwired Power over Ethernet
Two-Way Talk Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes With+Audio Yes
HD Video with Night Vision Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1536p HD+Video Yes
Built-In Alexa - - Yes - - Yes -
Enhanced Duel-Band Wifi - - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Artificial Intelligence - - Person detection with plans - Pre-Roll viewing - Person detection with plans
Motion Detection and Alerts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes +3D Motion Detection Yes
Cloud Storage 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans 60 Days With Protect Plans


Ring Smart Doorbell Camera Features That You Must Consider


Regardless of which security camera you get your hands on, you will get access to a handful of features that will uplift your experience and provide you with better protection. Here are some of the significant features you must consider while buying video doorbell cameras


- Sleek Design: Ring smart doorbell camera is ultra-slim and has a space-saving design. Its polished look is eye-pleasing and goes perfectly with the aesthetic of the property. Apart from looking great, the slim design is easy to install. 

- HD Resolution Video Recording: Video is the core of any doorbell camera, and Ring takes extra care of it. The brand ensures quality footage that helps get a clear look at people’s faces. The Ring devices offer 1080p HD resolution images to have a better view. 

- Two-Way Talk: When it comes to front door video surveillance, audio is another critical aspect that you must consider while picking the right product. Hence, Ring designs all its products with two-way talk functionality. This allows the owner and visitor to talk to each other even when they are not physically present. 

- Unbeatable Mobile App: The mobile application is one of the most prominent features of Ring doorbell cameras. It allows you to get real-time notifications, makes it easy to connect with other security devices, and allows you to control the privacy of your home. Using the app, you can get complete control over the surveillance device. 

- Alexa Greetings: Ring smart doorbell camera has built-in Alexa Greetings that makes the product stand out from the competitors. This feature allows Alexa to greet all the people at the door and give a message. You can also provide instructions for leaving the parcel outside or informing the people that you can’t come to the door. 

- Night Vision: Video surveillance cameras are meant to record all the activities and capture the visitors stopping by, both day and night. This is why all the Ring devices are equipped with a night vision feature that allows the camera to record even when it's dark outside. The cameras have LED sensors installed for clear vision at night time. 

- Cloud Storage: Storage is one of the features that people are highly concerned about while buying a security surveillance system. When it comes to video doorbell cameras, storing all the footage becomes more important. When we talk about the Ring cameras, it provides the users with both local as well as cloud storage. Cloud storage provides more space and security to the recordings. 


Ring Doorbell Cameras Monitoring Plans



To get the most out of your Ring Doorbell Cameras, you can buy a comprehensive subscription service. It will help you get access to incredible features and let you save, review, and share the video that the camera has captured. Here we are going to explain more about these monitoring plans. 


Ring Protect Basic:

As the name suggests, it is the basic plan that will let you record the video for one surveillance camera or doorbell. It costs $3 per month and $30 if you pay for a year. Some of the incredible features it offers include:


1. Check Video History For 60 Days

2. Capture Snapshot

3. Spots A Person

4. Rich Mobile Notifications 

5. Video Saving And Sharing


Ring Protect Plus:

This monitoring plan is one level above the basic plan. It is useful in recording videos and footage for all devices. The Ring Protect Plus plan costs $10 for a month and $100 for an entire year. When it comes to features, it includes all the offerings as the basic plan and some additional features, that include:


1. Extended warranty on all devices 

2. 10% off on purchase from the official website and Amazon  


Ring Protect Pro:

Ring Protect Pro is the highest level of the monitoring plan that allows the user to make the most of their security camera. It starts at $20 per month and $200 per year and can go up according to the add-on services. Some of the additional features that you will get besides the Ring Protect Plus plan are:


1. 24/7 Professional Monitoring

2. Alexa Guard Plus

3. 24/7 Backup With Extra Storage 

4. Exceptional Digital Security

5. Alarm Cellular Backup

6. Discount On Home Insurance 


Expert Opinion: Final Verdict 

Wondering what we think of Ring doorbell cameras? While looking at all the products and their features, we found it is a great investment. Having it installed will help you answer the door from anywhere in the world. They are convenient and offer peace of mind whether you are at your home or away. Ring surveillance is the next-generation doorbell security system with great features to secure your home or workplace. 


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