Marriage Myths

Getting married is a magical and life changing experience. However, when it comes to marriage – you can’t always believe exactly what you’re hearing. As long as you understand what constitutes a healthy marriage you should be on the right track. Here are some myths that you need to know about.

  1. You should both have the same interests: Haven’t you ever heard of the saying “opposites attract”? There will be times when you want to do something that your spouse doesn’t want to do. That doesn’t make your relationship “on the rocks”. Think about compromising with your significant other.
  2. Marriage will make someone change their ways: Adults are set in their ways 90% of the time. Instead on looking for your honey to change, try adapting to each other’s habits.
  3. Your spouse should be your best friend: You should maintain and understand the healthy balance of having friends and a spouse. Otherwise, you end up alienating your friends.
  4. You should split the housework 50/50: This is the beginning to what will end up being a very resentful relationship.
  5. Fighting leads to divorce: All healthy relationships have their fair share of arguments. You’re probably weird if you never fight.
  6. Having a baby brings you closer: A baby should add to the life that you’re alright building together, but a baby will also add a level of stress to the life that you’re building together. Understand that things will go wrong as you’re raising a child together and you will be just fine.

The moral of the story is to create your own story. Don’t base your marriage off of a myth or a romantic comedy. You should go along with your own story and learn to adapt to and uplift your partner rather than search out signs of a failing marriage. You don’t want to miss out on great memories and moments.

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