LittleBlackBag Gives Women a Fun Way to Shop and Save

Online shopping sites for women aren’t new. There are a ton of women-centric sites out there that let the ladies purchase clothing and accessories at bargain prices. may be yet another shopping site for women but it does have a fun and exciting twist that other sites don’t have.

On top of offering huge bargains on great shoes, purses, and accessories, Little Black Bag also surprises women with up to 3 additional items whenever they purchase one.  The additional items are determined by the site’s stylists and they remain a surprise until after checkout. If the shopper doesn’t like the items chosen for her she can choose it to swap it with other members.

How It Works

The first thing you need to do is shop! Little Black Bag has a wide gallery of stylish jewelry pieces, shoes, and purses so you can just take your pick. The site’s stylists will then add up to 3 items into your bag based on your personal style. After checkout, the items that were selected for you will be revealed and you can choose to ship them as is or swap them with other members.

This is actually where the fun begins because you’ll be given a chance to exchange items that you have in your bag in real time. Once you’re satisfied with your stuff, you can ship them out and wait til they arrive at your doorstep. 

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