Get an Infinite Closet with

Have you ever had one of those days where you have absolutely nothing to wear despite having a closet full of clothes? Sure you have.

Fortunately a website called aims to solve that dilemma by giving women “access to an infinite closet of free fashion.”

99DDresses serves as an online market place where women can buy and sell their pre-loved dresses. The currency in this marketplace is called buttons, and members can use those buttons to buy clothes on the site.

How It Works

Women upload photos of their dresses to the site. 99Dresses will then ask questions such as the brand, size, color, and retail price of the item in order to suggest a price for it. Women of course can always set the price themselves if they don’t agree with the suggestion.

Once the dress is uploaded a photo of it will be displayed in the gallery and women can shop around and select the ones that they like. Once they decide to buy a dress their address will be sent to the seller who can then ship the dress to its next lucky owner. 

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