Top 5 Places to Shop on Cyber Monday

Black Friday may still be one of the most popular shopping days of the year, but Cyber Monday is slowly becoming just as big. And why not? It's a lot easier to place your orders online than to fight your way through lines and endless shopping carts after Thanksgiving.

If you're looking for good deals on Cyber Monday, here are 5 sites that you'll want to bookmark. December 17 is Free Shipping Day in the US, when over 1,000 online retailers provide free shipping for a whole 24 hours, regardless of what you've purchased. You can thank the good people at for starting this event and keeping it alive. At their site, you'll find plenty of great deals through major stores like Sears, Victoria's Secret, Kohl's, Macy's, and more!

GameStop: The holiday shopping season is always a key event for new video game releases and new gaming consoles. Without a doubt, you'll find the best deals and selection of games and consoles at GameStop. In addition to handling the inevitable thousands of game pre-orders, this retailer also offers free games in package deals with new consoles.

Bluefly: Looking for some fabulous clothes and accessories this Christmas? Whether it's Chanel or Jimmy Choo, you can find discounts on designer labels at Bluefly. Great deals and selections for available for men, women, and children at discounts of about 50% of the retail price, with even some fine outerwear going for less than $25.

Dealnews: This site has an entire page devoted to offering great deals for Cyber Monday. While the website itself is visually attractive, it's the series of hot deals and discounts that Web users stick around for. Dealnews is a great marketplace for electronics and computers among other products, and you'll have plenty to do when you're searching through all those coupon code listings.

Zulily: This membership-based site provides  new deals every day, sometimes up to 90% off for great apparel and accessories. There's plenty here for parents and children, with a wide selection of clothes, shoes, toys, and home decor. Once a new sale goes up on Zulily, it usually lasts for the next 72 hours, so even if you don't get around to it on Cyber Monday, you'll still be able to enjoy great savings sometime in the days to follow.

Although November has just begun, the holidays are just around the corner, so you'll want to stay sharp as we get closer to Thanksgiving and all the amazing deals you could ever want on Cyber Monday.

Image by Intel Free Press on Flickr

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